Our Story

Our name came from an adorable story.  Our little girl had a tendency to get confused when she was calling my husband or myself.  She would shout, "Muddy!" We found it was so cute getting Mummy and Daddy mixed up and thought it would be fitting to call ourselves Muddy!

After becoming parents, we searched high and low for a nappy bag, but we never found one that suited our needs.  Back in 2017, I designed my very first prototype but at the time did not think it was good enough to market. It was put on the back of the shelf and I did not revisit this for some time.

As a first-time mum, I suffered from post-natal depression and if I had to be honest, I would say that was the real reason that I did not pursue this any further. It was a long road for me to recover... I promised myself that I would defeat it for my daughter and husband, and my biggest fear was if I would ever overcome it, but somehow... I did it. 

Then two years later and after having our second child, I happened to catch up with one of my closest friends.  His wife bemoaned the fact that she could never find any good nappy bags.  I remembered laughing because I thought the same thing when I first had my little girl.  At that moment, something in me clicked and I had an idea of re-designing my nappy bag.  Emboldened with the encouragement of my husband and family, I decided to give it another try. 

I dreamed of making bags that would not only be aesthetically pleasing, but have all the functionalities that a busy Mama would need to suit any occasion.  I spent many countless hours designing and sketching late at night and with any free time that I had.  I tested our prototype after prototype and after receiving positive feedback from friends and family, our nappy bag is finally ready to see the world!

I hope you enjoy your bags and thank you for supporting a Mum that wants to make other Mums rock a nappy bag with style.

With love,